About Us EuroMiami

We are a family-owned company, founded in 1996, when the founding partner made his first small real estate deal and, since then, gradually started to create his own portfolio. After many years of individual investments in the residential and commercial sector, he decided to organise his personal investments and his real estate business, establishing a company - EuroMiami for the purpose, which thus arose out of his passion for the real estate business, always looking for profitable and safe investments, whether due to their location or their purpose and capacity to produce a return now and in the future, allowing them to retain their value and be passed on to the next generation.

The assets are subject to a demanding process of due diligence and, where the selection, whether for the company itself, or for customers, combines important factors, like the location, quality and preservation of value, and also the capacity to generate a return or which can, at key moments, be the object of a collateralised bank loan with the property mortgage.

In most cases we stay connected to the management of the buildings, to which we dedicate ourselves intensely, serving our customers’ interests as our own, with an integral service level that guarantees peace of mind, safety, profitability and fulfilment of all the legal, administrative and fiscal obligations related to the asset acquired and managed by us.

In this period we are going to pay special attention to the investment opportunities in Portugal, Angola, Brazil and the United Kingdom, where we have operations in different stages of assessment.

Property assets are like people, different from one another and with their own personality.

This is the time for us to invest and to consolidate as a company, a true boutique of specialised consultancy in the property investment and consultancy sector.


1996 First investment: "When everything started ..."

Apartment transformed into a T1 and legalised in accordance with the new typology.

  • Purchase price 35,000 € (equivalent value on the date in Escudos)
  • Rehabilitation 7,000 € (equivalent value in Escudos)
  • Sale value 75,000 € (equivalent value in Escudos)

(Apartment acquired in a building undergoing rehabilitation on the date under the RECRIA program, a legal regime established by Decree Law no. 197/92, of 22 September).

2006 Investment portfolio

Amounting to 750,000 € and, business advised on amounting to 20,000,000 €.

2016 Investment portfolio

Investment portfolio of 2,350,000 € and business advised on amounting to 100,000,000 €.

2020 Investment portfolio

Investment portfolio of 3,750,000 € and business advised on amounting to 143,000,000 €.

Our approach

Tailor-made solutions

We provide solutions in the sectors of tourism, student accommodation, restaurant, logistics and, clearly, for residential purposes, of "charming buildings” in historic cities, magnificent apartments located in the most incredible places for unforgettable holidays, retirement or family use, in Portugal or elsewhere in the world... we go as far as the Client wants and where they take us! We help you turning your projects into reality. We believe in you.

Integrated solutions

We associate alternative energy solutions to our projects. We use domotics and we try to attribute features to the buildings that make them stand out, plus our concern for excellence combined with the use of good maintenance practices, all of which help to add value and preserve their features.

Family Advisory

We create investment portfolios for customers, advising on the acquisition of the respective assets, so as to create a competent tailor-made portfolio according to the preferences of each person or family that consults us.

Internal strategic plan

EuroMiami’s Strategic Investment Plan is always prepared for a period of 5 years and, for the period of 2020-2025 it includes the development of value-added and differentiated real estate projects, focussing particularly on market searches and needs in cities in coastal areas and inland, and not merely Lisbon, or other large cities.


“I really appreciate all the support in the procurement of the right property at the right price avoiding scams and inflated prices.
I have already the final residence card and wit is always straightforward. Thank you all for the support, it’s like a family!”

Burke Shoemaker Turkey

“The Golden Visa provides a gateway to Portugal and EuroMiami leads the way. The team is highly professional. Every step in the process is carefully taken care of, from the selection of investment to the application of residency and property management if needed. I look for total customer’s satisfaction and EuroMiami supports this fully. It has been my pleasure working with EuroMiami.”


“It was my great success and good luck to meet the team of experienced EuroMiami professionals who are not just highly skilled experts in all the aspects of real estate investing and managing but also very reliable, honest and trustworthy people devoted to their job and their customers. Throughout years of our fruitful cooperation which eventually evolved into friendship they went above and beyond to find optimal solutions, minimize costs, save time in the best interest of the client. Without any doubt EuroMiami is a safe bet for one's needs in Portuguese real estate”

Viktar T. Russia
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